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Photopodlasie is a collection of clearly grouped photographs and video files depicting all that one can see in Podlasie and Suwa趾i region as well as in whole Northeastern Poland. We created the website considering these Podlasie dwellers who left the region, but would like to see what their home town, district or neighborhood look like today and once again they would like to feel the unique atmosphere of the region. There is nothing better than photography to present the reality. However, if you are looking for artistic photography, it is probably not the best place. We are documenting the world without embellishing it with artistic flourishes. Moreover, we are not going to bore you with long passages of text. We hope that the gallery will satisfy the curiosity of those who have never been to Podlasie. You have an opportunity to see this unique region of Poland. We are aware that it is impossible to please everyone. That is why we are looking forward to hearing from you. Write to us. Within our capabilities we will try to fulfill your expectations. We will take the camera to all the places where something new and interesting is happening. For you to see.


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